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These Prisoners will be indicted for
High Treason

Richard Benfield and John Rees Case
Isaac Venn - Sworn States - I am a Special Constable I was on
duty on Monday morning last in this house (the Westgate Inn) I
was placed at the entrance door by the Mayor as a door Keeper before the
attack commenced I think it was between 8 and 9 o'Clock when the
attack commenced it may have been later it was between 8 and 10
a mob of people marched armed with Guns pikes and other weapons
they marched 4 abreast and a man with a Gun to each four as far
as I could judge - no person from this house molested or attacked them
- about 8 or 9 proceeded up to the door 4 abreast and one came up
and spoke to me with a Gun in his hand I rose up my stick
to him and said in here you shall not come - he said you have our
prisoners and we will have them out - I believe that man was shot
and is one of those who are now lying dead in the Stable with
that they fired and all rushed in, those before and those behind
until the place was quite full - they fired right in through the
the passage, the passage was quite full of them they that were in continued
breaking the Glass and proceeding towards the bar and 2 of the Chartists
were shot by their men from the outside they were firing outside all the
while I thought within myself I would make escape as soon as
they would cease firing - they were breaking of every thing in the house
they could come to they ceased firing into the passage from outside and
I made my escape then to go into the yard behind the house and
there was a man then shot as I was passing the passage I think he
must have been shot by one of the Soldiers I remained in the yard for the
space of 5 or 6 minutes - I then returned into the house and got up
stairs the firing ceased altogether I then saw them that was wounded
and assisted them altogether I think the affray continued from 10 to
15 minutes - I was too much agitated to know particularly the time
- It was a very dangerous situation I was in - I saw in that time
five dead in the passage and one dead in the door way - I did
not hear them say anything to each other - they continued doing
all the mischief they could some breaking the pictures some breaking
the Glass I know the two prisoners their names are John Rees




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