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The prisoner John Rees being called upon for his defence and
duly cautioned says - I wish to make a statement - At 8 o'Clock they
came to every one's house to make them go with them and therefore
he came - he was as much afraid to stay behind them as he was to
go with them there was nothing in his hand when he came to this
place - nothing in the world I have nothing more to say.
The mark X of John Rees

Basil Gray Sworn States - I am a Lieutenant in the 45th Regiment
of foot
doing duty at Newport - I received orders on Monday morning
last a little after 8 o'Clock to proceed to the Westgate Hotel to put
myself under the Order of the Mayor - I repaired thither immediately
with thirty men - I formed in front of the building - The Mayor
then desired me to enter the Court Yard the Gate of which was closed
after me, he then took me to the building on the right of the
the room I occupied is part of this house and asked me
if that suited my purposed it did so and I immediately proceeded
to get it cleared of the furniture and various other articles with
which it was crowded - this took me some time as the room was
so foul with smoke as not to be habitable - It had been full of
Constables all night I then marched my men in - the Mayor gave
me instructions to conceal my men as much as possible to avoid
irritating the mob which was then approaching to effect which I
closed the under shutters of the room which had three projecting
bow windows and latched them - I had time to give my men
a few necessary instructions when I heard cheering and the Mayor
told me they were approaching - they formed in front of the house
I saw a few of their Spear heads over our half Shutters and they
immediately let fly a volley of small arms - this demolished
the windows and brought down all the Glass - I immediately
gave the word to load - I did not do this before as I hoped that
matters would not have turned so seriously - While my men were
loading which took a very short time the crowd effected an entrance
into the building by rushing into the hall and the back entrance
into a passage which communicated with a door of our room
As soon as we were loaded I stepped forward to unlatch one of

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