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the window Shutters- the Mayor handsomely opened another
this unmasked us and a quantity of small arms was discharged
at us by which the Mayor was twice wounded and a
Serjeant by my side (Serjeant Daly) was wounded in the
head I saw him covered with blood immediately after I heard
them both say they were hit, the Mayor said it to me only in
a whisper which could not have been heard by my men - and
went and sat down - the Serjeant also only mentioned it to me
very quietly - Our men soon got to work and enfiladed the
Streets from the bow windows and the passage of the house
from the door way in our room - this continued for about
ten minutes when I saw our shots becoming thin for
want of objects - their own shots were not repeated after our
Soldiers commenced firing - I then went into the passage with
a few of my men to see how things were looking - I
saw there was no more attack when I returned to the room
and ordered them to cease firing from the bow window which
they obeyed immediately - I then made every preparation to
strengthen my position in case of a second attack while so
employed I entered a side room leading from the passage
and found the two prisoners at the bar in a corner I
ordered them to follow me and gave them over to my men
as prisoners - I saw nothing in their hands but on
examining their persons a quantity of ball ammunition was
found on the prisoner Benfield - I was putting a dead
body out of the way and I saw the two prisoners
concealing themselves in the room which was dark having
its shutters closed they had evidently gone into this
room out of the passage for the purpose of avoiding the
firing of my men and could not have left it without
suffering - so I concluded from them there -
One of my men told me in the presence of Benfield
that he had ball ammunition on his person - just
after they had their pockets turned out - I saw
them eating bread and cheese given them by my
men on seeing that there was not another attack




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