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General and also particular as to John Frost
Barnabus Brough Sworn Says - I am a Brewer and
wine Merchant and live at Pontypool on Sunday night last -
about 1/2 past 9 o'Clock I was going from Newport to Pontypool
in a Gig Thomas Watkins, a Currier, was with me I know a place
called Cross y Cylog I left my Horse and Gig there and -
proceeded on foot with Watkins towards Pontypool about half way
between Cross y Cylog and New Inn
, where Petty Sessions are
held - we met a body of Men, who ordered us to stop - Some
of them were armed - some with Pikes, Pistols, Swords, Guns and
Staves and Mandrel handles - it was very dark and wet the
party in front consisted of eight or ten, and altogether I think there
were from 40 to 50 they ordered us to stand, and demanded our
names and where we were going I told them my name was
Brough and was going to Pontypool, and that my Companion
was Thomas Watkins - I think that a Man who was shot of
the name of Shell, and who was known to me, was the Man
who seemed to give orders and ordered us to stand I did not
see his face, but knowing his voice, I believe he was the Man
he was dressed in a whole flannel dress, which I felt - I first of
all thought it was a Mackintosh I have since ascertained that
the Man who has been shot had on a white flannel dress I
asked by what authority he stopped me - I remonstrated with him
- he told me to hold my tongue, and I should be taken care
of - I said it was impossible to resist an armed force, and that
being compelled, I relied upon him for protection - He then ordered
some Men to come and take us Prisoners the Men advanced,
and two of them in front and two behind with Pikes, and one
Man with a Pistol, which he said was loaded, they walked -
by my side, marched towards Newport, the first halt we
made was a little beyond the Marshes Gate near Newport
I requested permission to cross the hedge and I understood
it was afforded to me - I leaped the hedge, and unfortunately
got into a ditch up to my middle in water - while I was
in the ditch, three Guns were levelled at my head one

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