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were taken into, we got some Beer, and one of the Men
brought us some Pipes and Tobacco - they made Room for us
by the Fire to warm and dry ourselves I should imagine
it was then five, or half past five - I think it was that
hour from having got free of them about half past six, -
which could not be more than an hour after we left the
- the Rooms at the Cefn were quite full, and many
were outside the House - there could not have been less
than from 100 to 150 After leaving the Cefn we proceeded
forwards towards Risca guarded as before - it was then
the day of day - I do not think there were so many
Pikemen with us then as before - In going along at the
, I heard Mr Frost' s name mentioned - I made some
enquiry about him - I appealed to the person of whom
I have been speaking before, and asked him if he -
thought he could find Mr Frost for me - he said he would
ry - I told him I was a Old Acquaintance and Friend
of Mr Frost, and that if he could find him I thought we
should be released from our unpleasant situation - we
continued going on in the same direction until we came
to the place where the Tram Road crosses the Turnpike
Road where there is a Beerhouse
- we all stopped at that
Beerhouse - I asked to go in and offered them some Beer
- it was then about half past six o'Clock on Monday -
morning last - it was just the dawn of day then - I
heard Mr Frost ask "Where is Mr Brough?" - I said "here
I am" I got up immediately - he approached me - He
first of all observed "how is it you are here, Mr Brough"
I told him I was very glad to see him there, and -
requested he would try to get us liberated, and I referred
him to the party, who had me in custody for the
cause of my being there Frost said I was an old friend
and a good Fellow, and he would endeavor to do so
- that altho' he hated or detested my politics I was
a good fellow - and we were discharged or dismissed - I
don't recollect which word he used - I left immediately

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