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- I did not know any of the Men that were with me,
- I think they must be Strangers - when they passed me,
they kept their faces from me The night was very dark,
- I think Mr Frost had on a rough dark Coat, and
black Hat, but as there was only one Candle, and I
was so glad to get at liberty, I did not pay particular
attention to his dress - I heard frequent observations as to
their chances of success without any thing definite - they
appeared to halt several times as if expecting information -
- I heard them say that they would have their liberty
or death - there was a lighted Candle in the Tollhouse
whilst I was changing my Stockings I should know the
Man again who was guarding me with a Sword at that
time, if I saw him again - I heard the names of Morgan,
and Jones, and such names common in the Country frequently
used - I had conversation with one of the Men at the
Beer House, and on the Road as well, about Chartism -
He first said to me Mr Brough, you are, I believe, an
Anti-Chartist - I told him to a certain extent I was -
He asked me in what I differed from him - we spoke
of universal suffrage - I said I differed with him there -
- I told him I thought it was impracticable - he then
explained that they were not seeking universal suffrage -
they were seeking that every Man of 21 years of age, of
sound mind, and untainted with Crime should enjoy
the same rights and liberties as the Noblemen - I have
since heard they took me as a Messenger from Newport
- I have no reason to know who that Man was -
Unquestionably I was led to believe from what I heard
and saw, they were using those means to obtain that
object - I heard one Man say whilst we were halting
upon one occasion, we shall not get to Newport to
night it was when I first ascertained I was on the
Road leading from Newport to Risca - we had had
marching and countermarching towards Newport and
Risca We actually went towards Risca - An enquiry

[in left margin:]
heard name of Jones




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