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was made for Frost's Men That was somewhere between
the Tollhouse and Risca
- They constantly said they were
going to meet a main Body - I am quite certain that when I
saw Mr Frost at the Beer-House nothing was said about
their going to Newport when Mr Frost said I was
dismissed - the person guarding me with the Pistol
immediately walked off - I heard a great deal of shouting
about the Beer house before I came up to it - it appeared
to be in consequence of fresh parties coming up - I was
perfectly cool, and felt a perfect reliance that my person
would be regarded - I can scarcely have a doubt that
Frost had the Command of the Mob - when Frost came into
the Room the Men immediately made way and cleared
for him - The Beerhouse I have been speaking of is
immediately adjoining the Tram Road, and the Turnpike
When I was discharged, I had about 13 miles to
get home I made the best of my way towards a terminus
called Twyn Bar-lum - when I got near there I rested
myself, for I was very much fatigued - I must have been
with them in durance from half past ten on Sunday night
until half past 6 on Monday morning - I was in a very
wet and dirty state - I saw the Man at the Toll Gate
frequently - he seemed to be much frightened - The direct
Highway from the Cefn to Newport
would be through Stow
Hill Turnpike Gate
- A person going from Stow Gate towards
the Cefn, would be in a direction to meet the Chartists as
they were coming down to Newport
Barnabus Brough

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