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General and also particular as to John Frost & Wm. Jones

Morgan James Sworn States I lived at Pillgwenlly
sometime ago I lived there last Saturday I was employed at the
Coal Pit near the Fleur-de-Lis I hitch the Trams at the
bottom of the Pit - I am a Laborer - I some time ago enrolled
myself a Chartist at Newport - I attended some of their -
public Meetings - I recollect attending a Public Meeting at
Blackwood on Whitsun Monday - I know John Frost - I
know his person well - I know a person of the name of Jones,
who is usually called Jones the Watchmaker of Pontypool -
those two persons were present at the Meeting at the
Blackwood - they both addressed the people that were
assembled there on the subject of the Charter - I afterwards
saw them at another Meeting held at Duke's Town above
Sirhowy - it was after the Meeting at the Blackwood
Frost and Jones were both present, and addressed the
Meeting at Duke's Town on the subject of the Charter - they urged
the people to obtain the Charter, to have it in a quiet way
if they could, and if they could not, have it in a quiet
way, have it they would they say they will have it - they told
the Meeting that there were Men enough at Duke's Town
to take the Charter by force - there were present at Duke's
a good many thousands
- I know the Men had
come in every direction to the Meeting - I saw them
marching in different directions - some from Tredegar
some from Ebbw vale - some from Blackwood, and
some from Pont-y-pool, from Merthyr and different other
places - the Men were going there from all parts - I heard
them tell the Men to be ready and lend their hands when
they are called - this was said by Frost and Jones
the Men then made motions with their hands, clapped
their hands, and said "we will - we will" I heard
the Men desired to be prepared with Arms - that it
was lawful for every one to carry arms - I don't know that
this was said by Jones and Frost - I have heard Frost

[in left margin:]
Wrong agt Jenkin
but qy
agt Frost
At Blackwood
Dukes Town
Take charter by force
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