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James Morgan

and Jones tell them that every Man had a right to carry
Arms - In consequence of something I heard I left my
work and came home on last Saturday week (x) I got
home at Pillgwenlly about 12 o'Clock at night - After I
got to Pillgwenlly I came up to the Town of Newport
I saw a person of the name of Jenkin Morgan at
Newport he lives at Pillgwenlly - he told me he was a
Chartist - I have met him at some of the Chartist Lodges
he asked me then how the Chartists got on up on the
Hills - I said they were more quiet than what they had
been - he said he was in wonder at that - I asked him
if there was anything going forwards - he said it was - he
refused then to tell me what it was was going on - I
told him things were going on very uneasy on the Hills
and for God's sake to tell me how it was going on
down here - he told me it was no use my going
up to the Hills on Monday as there would be no
work going on there - I saw him again on the next
day, Sunday the 3rd. November - he came to my
House at 11 o'Clock that night - I was not in
Bed - he said he was himself a Captain over ten
Men he said to me - "you are my Man" - He told me
John Frost was on the Hills - that he was coming
down with thousands of Men to attack the Soldiers
he was coming down that night - he said the Charter
would be the Law of Newport on Monday morning and
that it would be the Law of the Land on Monday
morning before day light - they were to be down at two
o'Clock - he told me if I joined him I would be in
no danger because Mr. Frost and his Men would attack the
Soldiers - I then went with him and several other Men
to the outskirts of the Town, and the other side of
Newport Bridge - we was told there was Powder at
Crossfield's Warehouse and I said his Powder was used
to be at Pill - We found no Powder - I saw no powder
we was in the field - He said the things were to

[in left margin:]
(x) 2d. Novr.
Jenkin Morgan
Morgan James
attack soldiers
Jenkin Morgan
attack Soldiers
Went to look after Powder




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