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take place all over the Kingdom at the same hour
, and
that the consequence would be the Charter being the Law
of the Land - there was a secret word by which one
Chartist was to know another that night in the
dark - If one Chartist met another that night in the
dark he was to say "Beans" and if the person spoken to
be a Chartist he was to say "Well" and suppose that
person did not say "well" he was not a Chartist - If the
parties who attacked the Soldiers in the Town succeeded,
there was to be a signal to the party in the outskirts
- Squibs - I mean Rockets, were to go up in the Air - I
did not hear the firing on Monday morning in the
front of this House - I was in Bed - I was at the Court of
Bella Weighing Machine
that morning, a little before ten
o'Clock - I saw Frost there
- he was near the Machine on
the Turnpike Road with from 60 to 100 Men with him
he was going along the Road from Newport and the
and The Salutation is the^direct Road from Newport to
the Weighing Machine it is hardly a mile that way from
the Westgate Inn to the Weighing Machine - I heard
them say that night - they were going to take the whole
Kingdom to make the Charter the Law I heard Jenkin
say so in a loud voice that many heard him - I

heard many others say the same thing - I considered that
to be their object - the Colliery where I work is on the
Rumney Tram Road
in the Hills - I believe it is in
the Parish of Mony-thus-Loyne there are several other
other Collieries in the Neighbourhood - The person who
took the Chair at Duke's Town was a man who wore
long black hair - his beard was long and black - I believe
he was called Doctor Price the Crowd around said
there is Doctor Price in the Chair there - he had a
Cap on I have not seen him since - It was about
the time they talked about keeping the sacred month
I think it was about the beginning of August
I am not sure - they were talking about we

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pass word
Frost at Court y / Bella Machine
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q them
Jenkin Morgan




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