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stopping to work a month - the Men did know how
they were to stop - how they were to find Victuals during
the month I have not heard of or seen Dr. Price being
at any other Meeting that was the first time I ever
saw him Dr. Price was dressed in a round jacket - the
Men coming to the Meeting at Duke's Town carried
Flags and Banners.

The mark of X
Morgan James

Sarah Edmunds Sworn - States - I am the wife
of William Edmunds - he keeps the Greyhound Public House at
- there was a Room taken at my House I
believe for the purpose of holding Chartist's Lodge - the Chartists
used that Room - I know there were used to be a great number
of Members there when William Edwards came - I have
once seen Frost at the Lodge - I have seen Vincent there
I think twice - I have seen Jones the Watchmaker there,
and I have seen Edwards there, the Man who is now in
Prison I saw Jones there yesterday week it was before
it was dark - he was met by some persons there I saw
him there on Saturday night the 2nd. November just in the
dark - he was then going in the direction of Pont-y-pool there
were a great many Chartists in the Lodge on the Saturday
night - Jones did not go into the Lodge either night he was
there the night of last Tuesday week - he was on that night in
the Lodge with the Chartists - they did not stop any person
from going into the Chartist Room - Many went in without
paying - Jones said to me that the Chartists were going to
Newport to show their strength to the Newport people, - when
I saw him on Sunday night a little before dark, I saw him
going in the direction of Blackwood. I did not see anything
of him afterwards - there were a great many people
assembled in and about our House on Sunday night - there
were a great many people in the House - there was so
much noise in the House that I

[ in left margin:]
Going to Newport
to show strength

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