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This Prisoner will be
indicted for High

William Jones's Case.
John Prosser - Sworn Says I live at the New Inn in the Parish of
the New Inn is situate adjoining the Road leading
from Pontypool to Newport
about 2 1/2 miles from Pontypool and 7
miles from Newport - I was at home on Sunday night the 3rd inst
I saw about 200 Men between 11 and 12 o'Clock at night come to my
Mother's House - they were most of them armed with Guns, Pistols,
Spears, and other weapons I know a person of the name of Jones
commonly called Jones the Watchmaker - I see him here as a
Prisoner now - he was amongst the men and came into my House
with them the men called for Beer Jones came into the Bar,
a space parted off from the Kitchen, he asked for a noggin
of Rum to put into a little jar he had in his jacket - I saw
my Mother supply him with it at that time I saw him take
out something like a dagger from his bosom, and he asked my
Sister how she would like to have that stuck into her, she made
answer and said - Oh Lord, Mr Jones, what is that you have got
he smiled - I saw the Dagger - About that time I saw a man
take a Gun belonging to me which was hanging up in the Kitchen
- he took it out into the Passage adjoining the Kitchen and
tried the Lock - there was no flint in the Gun - I saw
another Man put his hand into his pocket, and supply that
person with a flint I then took hold of the Gun by the
Barrel, and said I wanted the Gun - I told him he must not
take it - that it was mine, and I wanted it - they said
they would not deliver it up to me - I then went to the
Bar, and told Jones the men had taken my Gun away
I asked Jones to interfere, and get it back again - Jones
said Oh! never mind about the Gun - I will see that you
shall have the Gun back - I then returned to the place where I
had left the men with the Gun - I took hold of the Gun
again, and asked Mr. Jones (who was there and had quitted the
Bar) if I shod. have it he said oh never mind, I will see that you
shall have the Gun back - he did not say when the Gun was taken from
the House I did not see the Gun again - Jones had then a

[in left margin:]
Gun taken

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