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small stick in his hand and returned into the Kitchen when there
he was tapping the men on their Shoulders with the Stick, and Said
- "Now my Lads, light your pipes and let us be off" - the Men did as he
directed them, and followed him out - I heard a great noise on the
outside of the house, when the men were inside the House and when
they went away, that appeared to me to be a noise proceeding from
a great number of Men during the time that Jones was in the
House - I saw a person standing on the Stairs in the passage
adjoining the Kitchen that Man told me that he had several pistols in
his pocket and he desired me to feel him, so as to satisfy myself
that he had pistols in his pocket - I did feel him and I did -
satisfy myself - that man had also a Gun in his hand he asked
me questions - he asked me if Leigh's Carriage was gone down
- I said
Yes, and back again - he told me, then I am sorry for that, for we
meant to attack him on his way back - he meant Esquire Leigh
the Lord Lieutenant of the County I have no doubt about it there is
no other Leigh living in that part of the Country who has a Carriage
nor any other Leigh that I know of - the Lord Lieutenant lives
about 2 miles or 2 1/4 miles from my Mother's house - I saw the Lord
on that day go in the direction of Newport and I saw
him go back I am quite certain that man was one of those who
came in with Jones, and went out at the time Jones gave the orders
- Jones was not the only Man I saw at the House that I knew I
knew another who is a Butcher - I don't know his name I know his
person and should know him again if I was to see him I had seen
him several times before x there were not more than 3 or 4 persons
in the house before the Prisoner came into the House - I did not
think he had any intention to use the Dagger when he shewed
my Sister the Dagger he has been on friendly terms with my family
for many years, and I am very sorry to come against him - I thought,
it was a joke, his doing it to my Sister - He told me I need not
trouble myself about the Gun, it was sure to be returned - not one
person was left behind when the prisoner left the House, only one from
Mr. Jones when they were in &c outside - there was a great noise as if there
was a great number Speaking I did not see the person who asked
me to feel him speak to the Prisoner. I don't know whether

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Man had pistols
Enquiry for Leigh's Carriage
meant to attack him



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