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he had the same intention as that person with reference to Mr. Leigh
- saw nothing in his manner that made me think he meant
to do any thing to Mr. Leigh - he had only that one thing, the Dagger,
that made me think so - I did consider from what I saw the Prisoner
do, and from what I saw others do, and from that hour of the
night, and from all the circumstances that happened that night,
that the Prisoner and his Companions intended some mischief
- the party remained at my Mother's House about half an hour
- they left about 12 or half past - it rained tremendously - it was
so dark you could not see your hands before you
John Prosser.

John Phillips - Sworn States - I live in the Parish of Lanfrechra
at Cross-y-Cylog
- it is on the Highway from Pontypool to
, 4 miles from Pontypool and 6 from Newport - I was at
home between 7 and 8 o'Clock near 8 in the morning on Monday
last a large number of persons at the time came to my house - they
took hold of me - they told me I must go with them I objected to go
with them they said that I should go whether or no I am well
acquainted with the person of Jones, commonly called Jones the Watchmaker
of Pontypool
- Oh here he is - I saw the Prisoner there he was not there
when I was first taken hold of - he came directly afterwards - he
asked them if I was willing to go, and the mob said no - he nodded
his head and said "bring him along" and I was compelled to go I
went from there towards Newport by Malpas I observed when we got
to Malpas, and at Aust's House the Prisoner and Aust speakg togr
they were close together Jones's face was towards me so that I could
distinctly see what Jones was doing I saw Jones then draw a Pistol
out of his pocket - he tried it it had nothing in it he afterwards charged
it After I was laid hold of and before we got to Malpas we were joined by a
great many other persons - I observed that those persons were most of them armed
After we left Malpas we went directly towards Newport and at the
Malpas Turnpike Gate I again saw the Prisoner Jones He there
directed the people and said this is the road follow me -
- he took them up a Lane toward Penylan that Lane
communicates with the Highway leading to Risca, and the

[in left margin:]
Goes 4 Miles from Pontypool
knows Jones
saw him there
pressed witness
two pistol

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