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Hills We proceeded a good bit on that lane, until we met a Collier
the Prisoner Jones had a conversation with that Collier, I heard the
conversation - I heard the Collier say to Jones - if you had been where I
have you, you would not wish to go further, then Jones said "We are
done" Jones then asked the Collier to go toward Newport again the Collier
said no - I shortly after that made my escape into a field, and I saw no
more of Jones I live just by the lower Cross-y-Cylog it is about 10
yards below the house kept by Mrs. Glasebrook, there were a great
many above a hundred, pressed me, behind and before I saw the
Prisoner directly after I was taken, it was about 20 or 30 yards -
from the place I was taken I saw him, My House is on the left
hand below the lower Cock, My house is about 30 or 40 yards
from the lower Cock I was taken by the stile going up to my
House - Malpas was the first place I saw the Prisoner after
I saw him at the lower Cock - I have known him a couple of
years or thereabouts - he was dressed that day in a rough Coat,
and had a Cravat on - it was a rougher Coat than you have now
on, I can swear it was a different Coat to the one he now has
on, I could not swear to it - there are many Coats like it - The
next place I saw him was going into the Garden House at Malpas
I forget the Gardener's name - there are two Gardeners at Malpas, it
was the nearest here - I saw him going in and coming out of
the house I did not notice any thing at that time in his
hand. I saw him afterwards with a Pistol he tried that
Pistol - I know nothing about the reason why the Pistol would
not go off - I saw him change the Pistol afterwards, I then went
on before him, I was sometime before him, and some time behind
him - I am quite sure I was sometimes before him, and sometimes
behind him - I never saw him from the time I saw him near
my House until I saw him again at Malpas, I know I am
on my oath - I gave evidence the day before yesterday before these
Magistrates against a person of the name of Aust that man has a
house and Garden at or near Malpas adjoining the Turnpike
road - it was into that man's house I saw the Prisoner Jones
go - I did not notice any thing in Aust's hand when he
and the Prisoner Jones came out of Aust's House - Aust was

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news of defeat




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