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stop particular after they prepared me they appeared to press every body
about the road I did not see the prisoner when I was first taken
I had no idea that he was with the party when I was first taken I never
heard any one say that the Prisoner was compelled to go from the Lower
I saw the Prisoner afterwards at the Public House, I saw nothing
particular he was not armed I saw nothing of him - I saw him
walking along side of us first before we came to a Gate He did not appear
to take any active part at that time, not until we came to the Gate, I am
quite sure it was the Prisoner made use of the words "this is the way" at
the Gate, there was another person with him who also said so, I can't say
who led the way up the land, I can't say it was or it was not the
Prisoner - the time I saw the Prisoner in the Lane was about ten - I am
quite positive the Prisoner is one of the men who said "this is the
The mark of x Christopher Kidner.

John Matthews sworn says I live at the Parish of Malpas
I live with Mr. Prothero as Gardener I remember at an early hour on
Monday morning 7 & 8 a great number of persons going in the direction of
Newport from Pontypool it was soon after light I went to Breakfast that
morning about half past 8 or 9 o'clock when I was at Breakfast I heard a
terrible row in the Stable yard, I went out to see what it was I saw them
about taking Mr. Prothero's Coachman, they were using much violence
to induce him to go I did see that they having hold of his person
at that time, I began to inquire what was going on and they
collared me directly, they said that I must come along with them
I resisted a little but saw it was no good, some of them were armed
with offence weapons, one of them in particular had a Hatchet
which at one end of the handle of it had a knife, I felt myself
compelled to go - In some time after I was taken out of the Stable
yard I heard an enquiry amongst the Mob "Where is Jones of Pontypool" I
have seen that person here today, I seen him now there he is sitting down
after I was induced to go by the mob I saw one person amongst them who I know
in particular I saw Aust the Gardener for one, he was armed with a
Gun at that time the enquiry "Where is Jones" was frequently repeated
afterwards I continued with the mob until they got to Malpas Gate


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Pressing Prothero's Coachman
Witness pressed
Jones there



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