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We were directed up some Lane across the Canal - I did not see
Jones with the Mob then - I was near the front there were not a great
many before me - I don't know the person who directed us to go up the
Lane - there were two or three did so - I saw Jones afterwards in the
- We proceeded up that Lane a long way before we halted then
I perceived a dozen or more coming from the direction of Newport - I
heard some person say that he had been to Newport - that they
had been defeated - that the Soldiers had fired upon them, and
that he had seen three or four persons dead they
stood then, and
talked to this Man about what had happened at Newport I then
made my escape - I saw the Prisoner Jones at that point - I
was there before him - I saw him there consulting with the Mob,
and I saw no more of him afterwards.

John Matthews

Edward Dorey - Sworn - States I am a Carpenter and live at
Risca - I know a person named Jones of Pontypool - I once heard
him lecturing the people at Sirhowy - he was lecturing them about
what is called the Charter - I see him now here - I knew him the
second time - he was telling the Chartists what they ought to have, and
their rights and that - I don't know Mr Frost - I remember having
seen the Prisoner in the forenoon of Monday last - I saw him between
Breakfast and Dinner - I can't say to half an hour what time I saw
him - it may have been 11 o'Clock or half past - I saw him up here at
a place called the High Cross, a Public House by the side of the
Turnpike Road leading from Risca to Newport
I saw him come up the
Fields apparently from the side of our Canal - I saw him come
over the Stile into the Road at the High Cross - he was accompanied
by about 50 or 60 Men some before him, and some behind him
some of the Men that accompanied the Prisoner were armed - some had
Guns, some had Sticks, they came up walking, others who did not come
the same way with Jones, but appeared to be coming from Newport, were
running, - Jones enquired what the Men were running away for - he at the
same time said as Dr Price was going to meet him with 7 pieces of Cannon
he said "if the Men don't stand true, I shall be hanged and the other ring leaders"
that was all I heard he then went into High Cross Public House and

[in left margin]
saw Jones in Line[?] [q. Lane intended?]
met men from Newport
had been defeated
Lecturing abt
some armed

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