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I saw no more of him x I live at Risca. I have lived there about
5 months. I am not much acquainted with the people living there, the
first time I saw the prisoner was at Sirhowy, lecturing the people about the
Charter. I can't tell any particular words you used, but telling the Chartists about
their rights and what they ought to have - he stood on the road about 10
minutes or a quarter of an hour before he went into the High Cross but no
more, there was a good many persons about, the house at the time - I
did not know any of them. I remember how he was dressed at that
time, he had a red Cravat on his Neck and I believe the same Coat
and trousers he how has on, it was not a rough coat, it had rained in
the earlier part of the morning. When I saw the prisoner it did not rain
he did not appear to be very wet, he appeared to be very low spirited
I did not touch him, he looked so he had a been wet and partly dry
Edward Dorey

William Evans sworn States I am a Clerk to Mr
Martin Morrison
at Crumlin - I know William Jones the
prisoner, he is a Watchmaker. I have known him the last
two years - I assisted in apprehending him yesterday November
the seventh, he found him in a field in Crumlin, he passed
thro' the Navigation Inn. I saw him enter the front door, he went
out at the back door and was making way towards a wood. - I and
Edmund Jones went after him Edmd Jones is a Mason - We both
went after him. We intended to give chase. he did not run more
than 30 yards after he saw us coming, after him - he drew a pistol
out of his side pocket I then called one John Willis who was about
50 yards behind me to go to his house and fetch a Gun, when William
immediately said he would immediately surrender himself to
- I spoke loud and Jones was then within 30 yards of me, he
must have heard me Jones immediately threw his pistol to me, and
while I was in the act of picking it up he came down to me
and surrendered to me. I have the pistol in my possession - it
was then loaded, there was powder and ball in it. I now
produce the pistol. I saw the charge taken out of it between
Willis and the prisoner - there was a Copper Cap on the nipple,
we then had him in custody, and sent for a Constable, we were

[in left margin:]
drew a pistol
sent for Gun
Prisoner pistol

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