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four, myself John Willis and Edmund Wells and Edmund Jones - We
sent for Richard Thomas a Constable of the Parish of Llanhiddel
Willis searched the prisoner's person - I was passing the prisoner took
out of his pockets almost every thing he had, he was afterwards
examined by Willis. I know nothing at all of the proceedings of the
4th of November. I know they were passing thro Crumlin all the
night of Sunday the 3d - there were crowds of people. I can't say whether
they were armed. I was not up that night - I got up about the middle
of the night to the window and saw the crowd pass, it was yesterday
between 3 & 4 o Clock in the afternoon we apprehended the prisoner. I
and my Companions brought the prisoner down to Newport and delivered
him to the Magistrates. I have never heard the prisoner address any
meetings, I saw powder balls and Copper Caps taken from the prisoners
person by Willis - the prisoner was also examined by Richard Thomas the
Constable as I have been informed. I believe the balls were given up by
the prisoner voluntarily to Willis.
Wm Evans

John Willis Sworn States - I assisted yesterday in apprehending
the prisoner William Jones - I assisted in apprehending him
with Evans Edmund Jones and Edward Wells. After taking the
prisoner to Mr David Thomas the Maypole Inn he requested the
pistol to be given up to him that he may unload it, the pistol
was then in William Evans hands, he took it and unscrewed it,
and I then took it out of his hands and shook the powder from
it - I saw the cap on the nipple and I took it off and then
asked him if he had any other arms about him, he took out
the contents of his trousers and waistcoat and put them on the table,
there are the balls and caps and wrench which the prisoner took out of
his waistcoat pocket, he then took out the contents of his trouser pockets - I
saw two pen or pencil cases, I did not see any knife, there were one or two
small papers which I did not touch.
John Willis
Edward Hopkins sworn I am police officer of the Borough of Newport - I received Wm
into my custody last night I searched him and found a Song on him with Music
attached to it - the paper now produced is what I took from him I was on duty here on Monday the 4th November I took

[in left margin:]
John Willis

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