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One sovereign, one Crown, two half Crowns, two shillings one
sixpence and capper, two Pencil Cases and a Comb from
the person of the Prisoner last night after he was delivered into
my Custody. He did not say any thing to me. I was on duty at
the Westgate Inn on the morning of the 4th November, there
was an attack upon this House by a Mob of People who
came from the Hills, some with Guns, some with swords and
some with Pikes, some of them had mandrils - One I saw
with a small hammer with a helph in it about 3 feet
long some had Pistols, the attack commenced between 8 & 10 o'Clock
I was at the Door when it commenced, the Mob marched in this
direction down Stow Hill they came in front of the Westgate Inn,
where they halted and fronted and immediately made an attack
upon the Special Constables at the front door of the Inn with
Pikes and some with Guns they immediately commenced firing
the Constables were driven back into the back part of the House
I could not get into the house until after the firing ceased I
saw a Serjeant of Her Majesty's 45th Regiment of Foot had been
wounded. I saw the Mayor had been wounded I know
that some of the Special Constables were wounded I got
the Doctor to attend to the Mayor I saw also a number
of dead bodies some in the Yard & some in the House those were
some of the Rioters, I searched one of them and in his pockets I
found 25 rounds of Ball Cartridge which I delivered up to Lieutenant
and he immediately gave the Soldiers there were 2 of the
Riotous wounded then in the House they were placed on a Stretcher
and carried away by the Special Constables I did not see any of the
firing upon the Soldiers.
______________________Edwd Hopkins

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