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This Prisoner will
be indicted for
High Treason

Solomon Britan's Case
William Watkins, Sworn, Says, I live with Mr Croft a
Solicitor residing at Pontypool. I am his servant. I know a man
of the name of Solomon Britton I now see him here here he is -
I remember to have seen him about 6 o' Clock in the morning of
Monday the 4th of November opposite Doctor Phillips' new house at
Tros Nant near Pontypool
- previous to my seeing him I heard a
noise at the outside of my Masters Stable Door like a knocking at
at the door I was inside the door I called out who was there a
person outside said he wanted to see me. I then opened the Door
a man named John laid hold of me by the Collar and said to
me come along he had a Gun in his hand - I pulled back and
he hit me on the back part of my neck with the but end of his
Gun the blow that he gave me was a very severe one I fell down
from the effect of it - more men entered the Stable with that person
about 15 of them they took me from my Masters Stable towards
the Clarence Inn which is near, there were a great many persons
assembled there - I saw the prisoner Solomon Britton there, I am
quite certain he was there - I did not hear his name then
mentioned. I expressed a wish to go back and to shut the
Stable door which I left open. I was not permitted to do so
the Prisoner interfered to prevent me he said bring him along
he gave directions to have me taken care of and observed he
said take care of him I was not dressed. I had no Hat or
Jacket on, the Prisoner addressing himself to me and others said
"Go along" before that was said the Men had been all standing
still, We proceeded from the Clarence Hotel to Pontypool I then
observed a Man with a Bag or Wallet on his Shoulder he was proceed-g
towards Pontypool, some of the Men said here is another. The
Prisoner then said "take him" that person was taken and compelled
to go on with us. Between Pontypool and the Turnpike Road on the Road
towards Newport
. We met a Boy about Sixteen or 17 years of
age the Mob when they observed the Boy said "here is another"
the Boy shewed the Man a Card, he shewed the Prisoner Britton
the Card. Britton might have seen it if he pleased. Britton then said

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Clarence Inn


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