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hours I did not reckon the number of times and I cant
say - I left them below a new gate I can't mention the gate
it was about fifty yards after you pass the Turnpike Gate this
side of Pontypool
they walked about ten minutes or a quarter of
an hour at a time I cant say exactly I cant say how far out of
Newport I left then I dont know how many times they halted
I think it was half past nine o Clock when I left the mob. The
mob were then going on to Newport I did not reckon them they were
a great many by that time - I am certain it was he, because I knew
him by his features. I am certain it was he because I knew him
I am sure he had the same dress on that he has on now - the
dangerous weapon was in his pocket. I know it was there
because I saw him pull it out to show it to the mob and
to me along he made use of no words then he only turned
the weapon round in his hand I did not hear him make
use of any expressions he pulled it out of his pocket and showed
it I did not know the persons that we met and pressed by
the prisoner and his party I have only been at Pontypool but
about four months I know but very few in that neighborhood
I come from the neighborhood of Abergavenny. I lived with the
Reverend Charles Clifton I was taken from my master's stable
door to opposite the Clarence. I heard a voice cry bring him
along - I was then brought near to the spot where the prisoner
was standing - I was brought sufficiently near him to
distinguish his person beyond all doubt the Prisoner is the
person is the person who told the mob to take care of
me there was open day light when we met the man
with the wallets on his back there was sufficient light
to enable me to distinguish every object about The
prisoner is the person who said take the man I
saw the Prisoner with the mob at the time
that I made my escape - I know the prisoner from his
Coat he had the same then on that he now has on.
__________________________The mark X of
__________________________William Watkins

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