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Ellis Flanders sworn states - I am a Special Constable and live
at Pillgwenlly - I was on duty in the Barracks on Monday last
I have seen the Prisoner before I saw him last Tuesday I took a
walk from the Barracks gate - from the Barracks the gates open
into the road leading from Newport to Risca I saw Sergeant
of the forty fifth regiment standing near the Gate at that
time it was then from one to two o Clock as near as I can
tell - the prisoner at that time was accompanied by two other
persons - they were three in all - I dont think I should know
either of those persons again the person first taken into custody
was not one of those persons the prisoner on coming up to
me asked inspecting a person who he supposed was a
Prisoner he asked after him by name - I dont remember
the name he gave - we went and enquired and there was
no such person as he enquired for then Sergeant Reed
asked the prisoner whether he was a Chartist he said he was
a Chartist in principle the Sergeant suggested to me that it was
my duty to take that person into custody - he was taken by me
into custody he was taken by me into Custody - that was all
that passed between us - it was the Prisoner first asked me for
the man he supposed to be in custody - one of the prisoners who
was with him also asked - I said not hear the young man ask for
his father - I dont recollect the name of the man that he
enquired for - I dont know that it was the young man's father
___________________________Ellis Flanders

David Jones sworn states I am a Commission Agent at
Pontypool I was on the night of the 3rd instant and early
in the morning of the fourth instant on duty as a Special
Constable at Pontypool we were all armed I was occassionally
Standing Sentry at the Station House - I was there on Sentry
between five and six o Clock in the morning of Monday the
fourth instant about three o Clock - we found a large body of
men coming down armed - a pike among the rest going
along the road, we seized it - we seized the man that carried it - he
called others to assist him - I seized the man that came to assist

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m-g 4th Nov.r




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