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before we came to the gate where the Sergt and the Constable were standg
the young man that lost his Father asked if there was such a man
there - he described the man his father as near as possible - the Sergt
went to the Stable Door wherein the Prisoners were enclosed,
returned and said there was no such a man there, then Sergt
said to the young man - possible if your father belongs to that
abominable Set the Chartists, the Young man said no - Sergt asked
us all three if we were Chartists I spoke up and said I was
of the Chartist principle then Constable said to the Sergt I think he
is liable to be taken up - yes says the Sergt and I must take him
up - Constable took hold of my coat the right hand side, and
attempted to drag me but behaved very decent. I was for explain-g
my meaning, when Sergt took hold of me, and said "Come
Come" and shoved me into the Stable along with other
Prisoners when I remained that night - next morning I
was brought down to the Westgate that was Tuesday that
was Wednesday I have nothing else to say Gentlemen all
that I want is Justice and if I have committed any
thing worthy of death or banishment in what I have
related I am willing to suffer it - nothing more Sir only
I should wish to call a Witness who can prove I was on
Garn-ddiffaith. _____ The mark of X Solomon Britton.

Witnesses in support of Solomon Britan's Defence
Thomas Morgan sworn says I am a miner and live at Garn-ddiffaith
I saw the Prisoner going along the road from your own House this day
Week in the morning, it was near as possible I can say from 8 o'Clock to
half past 8 near as possible you did not say nothing to me then
I come from Garn-ddiffaith I saw the Prisoner at Garn-ddiffaith on
last monday morning abt 8 or half 8, I don't know whether any houses were
broke open at Garn-ddiffaith on monday morning I heard
them say that men were going about the Houses at Garn-ddiffaith
& knocking the Doors with iron Bars and taking the men away
I was at Garn-Ddiffaith on Monday I was not at work I have known
the Prisoner since he was a little boy he lives at Garn-Ddiffaith he is a miner

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