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Tea at 6 o'Clock, some times at 7 - I am not very particular
when, - I usually go to Chapel on Sunday Evenings
I usually take my Tea before I go to Chapel - I did
not go to Chapel on the Evening of last Sunday Week
I heard that the Chartists were coming and that was
the reason I did not take tea till between 7 & 8 o'Clock
I had correct intelligence of what was going to happen, a
person came on the Garn and said so he did not say it to me
but I heard him say that the Chartists were going to meet on
the race course at Pontypool the next morning - That report
first reached my ears about 2 or 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon
I was greatly alarmed it was the alarm that I felt that
prevented me taking tea that night at my usual hour,
I had no special business of my own to attend to, that
put off my Tea Drinking It is my principle not to be a
Chartist, it never paid anything. I never had a Card my
Brother is a Chartist what he said in principle, he is not
a Chartist in practice according to the best of my knowledge
I live with my mother, after I had taken my tea, I
went to my Brother's House and we came back to my
Mothers House, remained until 1 or 2 o'Clock on
Monday morning I did not hear before Monday
morning that one o'Clock on that morning was the hour
at which the Chartists were to assemble who were to go
down to attack Newport, I believe my Brother went
home from my Mother's House. I did not accompany my
Brother home. He went home to the best of my knowledge
I accompanied him to the door of my Mother's House
but not further, we was at my Mother's House to
make our escape from the Chartists we made an attempt
at escaping, we were making Provisions to know where to
when they should come, we were talking about it to go
over the Ceiling, that is what we were talking about
there was a hole in the ceiling of the Closet since the
house was built. I don't know that there were many
persons taken out of their Houses that Night and forced to

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