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asked the Prisoner to go along with him to the Poor House
the Prisoner said he would, and the Prisoner asked me
to go along. I am not sure which spoke to the
Constable and Serjeant first I believe it was the
Prisoner - The Serjeant asked the other Man first
whether he was a Chartist and he made him no
Answer, the Serjeant made a kind of a laugh - I don't
remember what the Prisoner said. The Prisoner was not
in any other persons House after he saw me, I am not
a Lodging House Keeper as well as a Cordwainer, I have
appartments, I knew the Prisoner at Abersychan 2 years
before that, I have lived at Newport since the 2nd. May
I have never had any concerns at all with the
Chartists, it was not in my House that "Scard" The
Police Officer came, I was not out all morning, if
Scard had come there I should have know him, it
was about 4 o'Clock that day I saw the Prisoner first
I asked him particular several times whether he had
any concerns with the Chartists, he said no, It was not
until he had denied 5 or 6 times that he had not
anything to do with the Chartists That I could
venture to believe him. I never had no thought he
belonged to the Chartists because I never knew any harm
of him, I asked him five or six times because I
was always so much against the Chartists, I had no
reason to know from my acquaintance with him that he
had been a Chartist my acquaintance with him had
not been of a very intimate kind, what made me put the questions
to him was because he came from where they was, - He did
not tell me what he came to Newport for - I was up to
Abersychan about 3 weeks ago - he said he wished me to
make him a pair of Boots and that when he came to
Newport he would call and give me the Order - he did
not say where he had come from that day he did not say
that he had been in any other house in Newport that day
I had no conversation with him about what had happened

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