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This Prisoner will
be indicted for
High Treason

James Aust' s Case
John Richards Sworn States - I am a Cordwainer
I live at Caerleon - I have seen the Prisoner before when he lived at
Caerleon his name is James Aust - I know him - I knew him when
he was with Miss Price I have known him these three years I saw
him on Monday morning between 9 & 10 o'clock, he came down to
Clements at Park y Hill I was working - he was on the Gate entering
the Common near Mr Alfrey's - there were a great many with him
I dare say twenty - he had a Gun in his hands - two came into
the Shop to me and pressed us off our Seats I don't know them
I dont think I should know them again they came in and
said Come Lads come along with us we asked for what it was,
they said Come along with us and you shall see - two of them
were armed with something like Butchers Cleavers - each of them had
one - we three went out - we thought that if we did not go they
would do something to us we were afraid - John Dullimore and a person
of the name of George were two of the persons at work with me. George
is the others Christian name but his Surname I do not know. When
we got out into the road the rest of the persons were waiting for us
the Prisoner was with them - he had a Gun, they asked if our
Master had any Arms. I said I did not know. One of them
said he did not know. I said go and see go and see they went
upstairs into a bed room they took one Gun there were two Guns
one had no lock which they left behind - the Man who went upstairs
came down and went out whit the Gun in his hand James Aust
stood in the Common with the Gun in his hand - the one that
took the Gun told my Master that he would bring it back that
night I dont I should know the man again who took the Gun
I did not hear James Aust say anything the two Men that had
the Axes told us to come along - we went thro' the Common and
thro' a field over Mr Clarke's farm - The two men with the Axes
took the lead and James Aust was amongst them they took us
then by Mr Corde's in the road leading to Mr Corde's house - we
did nothing there - they took us on the road leading to Newport

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(o) 4 Novr.

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