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bound to know Aust.
__________________John Richards

The Prisoner being asked whether he had any Question
to ask, Aust said he had nothing to ask, and that all he said
was quite correct.

John Dallimore Sworn Says I am a Shoemaker and work at
Clements' at Park y Pill. I was in the Shop on Monday ~
morning last when 6 or 7 men came in it was between 9 & 10
o'Clock I and two more were working in the Shop from 6 to 7
came into the Shop - I was taken at a Nonplus - two of them were
armed with Axes, one with a Firelock another with a Stick in
which was an Instrument like a Spear, it was as long as a Sword
and went into the Stick, I saw it afterwards, the Axes were long
and were Woodcutters Axes - I saw no other Weapons with the Men
that came into the Shop, some of them had Sticks. James Aust
was not one of them that came into the Shop, he was outside
they said Come with us or you must expect what will follow -
Aust was about half a dozen yards from the door when the
words were spoken and must have heard what was said. One
and all said the same thing and James Aust must have heard what
was said I was told to come out of the house, I then immediately
saw the Prisoner James Aust who had a Gun & was loading it I
saw him put a bullet into it - it was as big as a marble after
he had loaded his Gun, he went off, we all went together two
men went back and went up stairs and one of them brought a
Gun out of the house - the gun was not loaded when in the house
I did not see it loaded - we all went across the field towards
Mr Corder
James Aust was with us I did not hear him say
anything some one took the lead and directed us how we were
to go James Aust with his Gun went with us as far as the
road leading from Mr Cordes towards the Newport and Pontypool
I heard some one in the Crowd say where was Aust the
Ganger it was one of the men with the Axe who said so - one of
them with the Axes went back to look for Aust and could not

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