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find him I did not see Aust afterwards that day I don't know
where he went we went as far as the Turnpike, we heard some
one say there was firing at Newport and the Party was beat and
it was no good to go - we then went up the Lane - At the
we saw a great number of people coming from the
direction of Pontypool, some with Pikes some with Sticks one
with a pitchfork when we came top of the Hill at the back
of the Quarry we saw large parties of men retreating from
Newport to that spot - I heard them say a good deal I heard
them say it was no good to go they remained to consult
and I got away I returned to my work at my Masters
Shop I had seen Aust at different times before I did not
hear him say anything as we went along, he did not seem
frightened, he went along boldly he was generally amongst those
behind me I believe he staid behind to see that no one
escaped from that part I can't say that he made any difficulty
about going when they missed him they asked where Aust
the Ganger was - I don't know the two men with the Axes
I am a Stranger to them all - but Aust and another man
a Carpenter he is a journeyman Carpenter he lives in the
Lane leading from the Three Horse Shoes towards Mr Corde's
his name is Henry Nicholas I did not see him
any busier than the rest - he was sometimes before and sometimes
in front he was looking after us to keep us together Nicholas
was the man who carried the Stick with the Spear in it
I never heard Aust say anything about the row - I have
never had any conversation with him - The bullet put into
the Gun by Aust was a rough one A man with a bag
supplied the bullets out of the bag there was more than 100
bullets. I saw another man with powder. I saw the man
with the bag give the bullet to Aust and give him another bullet to
another man I dont know who the man with the powder
was - the powder was in a bag which the man took out of
his pocket - I should think think the bag contained a pound of
powder - the bullets appeared to be roughly made, they was
roughly made I know the Prisoner had a gun in his

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