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were armed - one stood near the Stable door with a hatchet - the
hatchet one side and the blade of a knife the other the blade
was in a stick which was the handle of the hatchat and at the
other end of the Stick from the hatchet. I was so much alarmed
that I was induced to go with them When I got into the
road I saw Mr Aust there he had a Gun in his hand - I
went along with them and Mr Aust, when I went into the road
I saw him there, he said to me You are here, I said Yes
I am - He did not tell me that he had been pressed - he did
not appear to be under any Constraint he continued in the same
party until we got to the parting, where one road goes towards
Newport and the other towards Mr Nicholas' house, the party
then divided at that spot. I was not directed to go either road
but I took the road to Newport by the New Inn - I don't
know which Road Aust took I did not see him there. I
continued with the party until about 11 o'Clock I then made
my escape into Newport. I was here a little time near the
front of the Westgate. I saw nothing and returned home I was
afterwards sent into Newport by my Master during the same
day I saw Aust in Newport in Pentonville or Mill Street
near Mr Venns Shop - he said to me then - "You know that
I was pressed" I said no I did not, for he was with them when
I saw him, he said "Then you know that I was not a Leader"
I said I did not know that he was a Leader and I did
not know that he was not, I did not see him leading the ~
Prisoner was on the Turnpike Road this side of Mr Gards
when he said about the Russians. I dont know that the Prisoners
Gun was loaded.
___________________John Matthews

Christopher Kidner Sworn States I live at Cross y
about half way between Pontypool and Newport
near the Turnpike road side I was taken from home on
Monday morning last by a number of persons of them
were armed, one had a sort of Butchers Axe with a knife in
the handle, another had a stick about 3 yards long and a

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