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Spear at the end, another had a Gun, another with a Stick
with something like a dagger at the end but I did not know any
of them, they came and took me by force - I asked where
they were going to take me, they said to Newport they did
not say what I was to do at Newport I went with them to
Malpas Gate - before I came to Malpas Gate I saw the Prisoner
He joined me out of his own house - three or four went
in and he came out with them he brought out his Gun
under his Coat - he did not appear to wish to conceal it
there was a person Jones a Watchmaker of Pontypool
with them I first saw him at Austs house - he came on
with us to Malpas Gate, we did not pass thro' the
Marshes Gate
we were directed at Marshes Gate to go up
the Lane at Penyland it was Jones who gave the directions
Jones and Aust walked in front up the Lane as the Leaders
of the Party. A Collier came across the Friend and met ~
us - Jones and Aust talked together- the Collier said it was
no use to go to Newport as there were 3 or 4 of them killed -
Jones and Aust and ourselves (nearby a hundred) were ~
together - some of the party proposed to go back to Newport Aust
was with the party. The Collier said it they had seen what
he (the Collier) had seen they will not go to Newport. Some of them
said then we are done. Aust was in the front with Jones when
this was said, I then left the party and came to Newport - there
were a great many of the party had Arms.
The Mark of
Christopher Kidner

John Phillips Sworn Says. I live at Lanvrechva I was
on Monday last taken away from my house by a party
against my Will about 8 o' Clock I was brought by that
party along the Road until we came to Malpass. Jones
the Watchmaker of Pontypool
was amongst that party
I know him very well Jones said to the party wont he
go and the Witness said no I wont then Jones said to

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