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the party bring him along and I went - we proceeded until we
came to Prisoner Austs house Jones the Watchmaker went into
the Prisoners house and came out with the Prisoner - the Prisoner
had then a great Coat on and was differently dressed to what he
has on - I did not see him at any time with any Gun -
when they came opposite Malpass house - I saw Jones and
Aust talking together, they were quite close together face to
face, it was when the Coachman and Gardener were taken off
when the Prisoner and Jones were together face to face I saw
Jones loading a Pistol - I did not see the Prisoner then deliver
anything to Jones - I did not see more than one Pistol
I saw that Pistol plain enough we then proceeded together
until we got to the Malpass Turnpike Gate Aust and Jones
were sometimes together and sometimes separated when we
got to the Marshes Turnpike Gate Jones and Aust ordered us
to turn up the Lane we did so we went up to Penylan
and met a Collier on the road, a great many asked the Collier
where he had been he said if you had been where I have
been you would have enough of it Jones wanted the Collier
to return and the Collier said, No, I have had enough of it Mr.
then said, we are done now, he said so to all of us, we
stopped there with him about half an hour I left them and saw
no more of Aust or Jones. I saw ten or a dozen Guns amongst
the Mob, some had hatchets that would cut two or three ways
others had Pikes and Bill hooks and long poles all of them
had Clubs almost - I saw Aust by the Turnpike side and side
by Mr. Jones.
The Mark of
John Phillips

Henry Chappell Sworn States - I am a Police Officer of
Newport I apprehended the Prisoner yesterday morning
at his house at Malpas - I am at the same time searched
his house. I found the Gun now produced in the
Prisoner's house - I was looking about the house and

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