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I came out with the Gun under my arm with them, I thought I was
in danger of my life if I had not have come out with them. I
went and some one informed me that they pressed every one as they
came along - some one said it was a Farmer they had pressed who
had offered them a Sovereign to get away but he should not go - they
likewise told me that they pressed the Son of some Widow woman who
had offered any money to let him go but that they would not let him
go, I came off down the road and saw them pressing every one as they
came along and I saw a party of men up towards the Horse Shoes
and some of them made off towards them and then I made off along
with them, thinking it was the best place for me to make my escape
and I saw them running after some Irishmen as was digging Potatoes
3 fields off, I tried to hide, I saw it was no use, they was all round
me so thick there was plenty left to see that I could not get away
from them, then they saw some Masons as was working at Mr.
' they went into the yard to them to get them away, I had
it in my idea to get away all the time. I bide out entirely all
the while, I went down nearly as far as the Shoemakers there with
them an then I come up to Mr Corde's Lodge and there I made
my escape from them. I slipped into the Lodge. I told them that
I had been pressed and tried to get away. I hid my Gun behind
the door and stood back out of the way myself not to be
perceived by any one going by, then it was I heard it was all over
in about 2 hours after I took a walk down to Newport to see if I
could see any Friends as could tell me - before I went down there was
other Neighbours as had been down - I was not alarmed then because
they said as all the Mob had been dispersed and I went into my
Landlords Mr. Waters at the Groom and Horse and bide there I
should say an hour before I come and into the Town I saw the
Serjeant there & several of a recruiting party, the house was full of
people almost, I knew that he was billetted there and wanting to know
all the news I could, I proceeded into the Town and come
round here by the Westgate and I went back straight to Walter
and from thence into Mr. Simpson and home - I had
taken the Gun back with me from Mr. Simpson and instead of
hanging him up over the fire place I took him upstairs fearing

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