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any one else would take him, it was not my Gun, it was Mr. Lodges
Gun at the Ship at Caerleon - I have had it in my house ever since
last February - that is all I have to say at present
________________________________James Aust

William Simpson Sworn - Says I am Gardener to Mr. Cordes
the Prisoner was in my Cottage yesterday morning about 11 o'Clock
I did not see him before 11 o'Clock - he was in my house
when I came in he left his Gun there till night - he left my
house about one o'Clock in the afternoon or between that and two,
he was there two hours, he did not say that he had not been
to Newport that day nor that he had been to Newport that day,
there was a young man and a young woman who saw you there,
I dont deny that I have enrolled myself as a Chartist, before I
Alibisaw Aust I had been to my Masters house and returned home &
found the Prisoner there. I saw a party coming along the road
they made a great noise, a Gun was fired they were all the way
down in different groups, I went into my House and Aust was
there, his young man came in a few minutes after - Aust had a
Gun in his hand - I had not seen Aust before 11 o'Clock that
morning - At 11 o'Clock that morning the groups I saw were going
and returning to and from Newport, at the time Aust came to my
house at 11 o'Clock I believe he came there to conceal himself &
his Gun - When he left my house at half past One that evening
he left his Gun there to go to Newport to see the state of things
then. When he returned again to me it was not dark, it was
about 5 o'Clock, he was at my Cottage about half an hour, he
took his Gun with him, if persons met him they might perceive
he had a Gun unless he hid it, the reason the Prisoner gave for
having a Gun was that he was pressed and if any one was to
have the Gun he would take it to defend himself - I have met the
Prisoner at Chartist Meetings - I dont deny that I am a Chartist
up to the present time, I have paid subscriptions and attended
the Chartist room - I have been with Mr. Cordes four years and
a half.
____________________________William Simpson

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