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Thomas Davies's Case
John Davies (Sworn) Says - I am a Special Constable I
was on duty at the top of Stow Hill on Monday morning last
I had directions to stop any suspicious persons I might meet with
I mean to detain any one - I saw the prisoner at that time it
was between 4 & 5 o'clock in the morning, he was just going thro' the
Turnpike Gate on the Road from Newport to Risca
when I attacked
him - I was sitting on a stone near the Turnpike Gate, and was
lighting my pipe when the Prisoner came up from towards the
Town - He told me he was going to the Cefn - I asked him what he
was going to do there - he said he was going for a Job of work
I told him I could not let him pass, and Mr. Rogers and another
Special Constable came up and delivered the Prisoner into their custody
- I have known him this 3 or 4 years, and never knew any harm
of him.
__________________________John Davies

Stephen Rogers (Sworn) - I am a Special Constable of Newport
I am a Grocer - I was acting & on duty during the whole of
Sunday night last as a Special Constable - one of my Company
apprehended the Prisoner his name is John Davies - I received
the Prisoner into my custody from John Davies - I examined him
- I did not threaten him or say to him that he had better confess
- I asked him where he was going, he said to the Cefn to look
for a Job of work, I said it was early and I should take the
liberty of sending him down to the Mayor it was then about 5
o'clock on Monday morning last the 4th instant - He did not
say anything more that I recollect - he was delivered by me
into the possession of a young man of the name of "Brown" who
I ordered to take the prisoner down to the Mayor - riots were expected
to take place at Newport on Monday - the Rioters were expected to come
down from the direction of Bassaleg and Risca, Men coming down from
the Hills, and the mineral district would come through Risca and
Bassaleg and by the Cefn to come to Newport - The Prisoner was
going in a direct road to meet the rioters coming down from the

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