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that Man again, the Prisoner is the Man looking at the Prisoner
I believe he is the Man. I cant swear he is the Man but I believe it
I have no doubt he is the Man. He has not now the same dress
on he had when I saw him on Monday the 4th. November I have not
seen him since until to day I do believe him to be the same man I
saw in front of the Westgate on Monday the 4th. November I know him
by his features and his looks.
William Johns

Henry Kear Sworn States I live near the Salutation in Commercial
Street in Newport
I remember the 4th November I was then at home
I remember seeing a great number of persons going out of Newport that
morning it was between 9 and 10 o'Clock I cant tell the exact time. some
were armed and some were not I saw amongst those persons a Man
with a wooden leg he had a Gun in one hand and a Sword or stick
in the other, I believe it was a stick he was dressed in a dirty colored
flannel or fustian I cant say which - I believe it was a frock
Coat thing and came round him something like a frock - a round
crowned hat I thing the Boys call it a Jim Crow hat he was
coming down Commercial Street towards Cardiff Road, he was coming
in the direction from the Westgate Inn he was coming in the direction
towards Cardiff. that Road leads to Risca & the Hills. I think. I think
I should know that man again if I saw him in the same dress
He was a man I should suppose to be 40 years of age, dirty looking
and dirty in the face. I suppose 5 feet high. I have not seen that man
since. I see a Man here like him. I should not like to swear to him
punctually I believe the Prisoner is the Man. I have no doubt that
he is the man. he is not now in the same dress, if he was I
should better know him he may be more than five feet. he was
walking rather stooping and lame with his Gun in one hand when
I saw the Prisoner I was 2 or 3 yards from him. it was opposite
the New Church I think I took more particular notice of him than
any other person I saw go away - Marking him with a wooden Leg
I paid more attention to him. I may safely say he was a minute or
a minute and a half in my sight. he made a stand and stooped
down as if to pick up something He was more than 3 or 4

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