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me a Cup of Beer and a bit of Bread and Cheese & he looked
out through the Window and he saw them coming on by the
Ladies Well
- he asked me "Furman, are you with them" I said
I was forced to come with them, he said for God's sake run
away out of my house don't let any one see you or know
that you have been here - I went out and went on the
Tram Road
- I came down and saw the mob again and Mr.
halted them by the Turnpike Gate at the Waterloo - I

was then coming from William's for Newport in front of them
all - I know where the Waterloo Inn is, it is this side the
Park Machine
- I saw the mob halt by the Waterloo just by
the Turnpike Gate - I saw the prisoner with them then I
heard all the word of command and orders given there, Mr
was one, I then heard the Prisoner cry out "All you

with Muskets come forward in front and the Pike men next and
you as got clubs and bludgeons stop in the rear - I then said to
several of them Gentlemen - let me pass you if you please - I want
some Beer to drink - I ran into the Waterloo Public House - the
is by the Turnpike Gate - it is more than a Mile from
Newport - the Mob then marched on towards Newport - to the
best of my knowledge it was between 9 and 10 o'Clock it was
after Breakfast time - I kept on behind them - I came with them as far
as Stow Hill I was not with them here because I went down Charles Street
When I went down Charles Street I went to Thomas Hobuccuch who was a
former Landlord of mine before I was with Mr. Perkins, he lives in Monkeys
I stopped there and got my dinner and got away in the evening I saw no
more of the Mob - I cant say exactly what time it was when we got to the Welsh
- it was after 12 o'Clock - it was very rainy that night - We was in the Welsh
because I paid for 3 Pints of beer myself - I cant say as I am acquainted
with Henry Charles's Son - I can't say I know his Daughter I had only been there
twice before, there was a young woman and her Mother in the Cellar tapping
a Cask of Beer - the younger one called the elder one Mother - she was an
elderly Woman - We were at the Welsh Oak till daylight - I know Mr. Morgans
I saw the mob turn up the lane towards the house where Mr
used to live
- the whole of them went up that way - I went up that
way to go to Stow & down to Charles Street I know all the Musket Men & all

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Mile from Newport
Stow Hill

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