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the Pike men went up that way - I am sure that all the others went up, that
way I know Commercial Street - I saw Mr Frost and two other Gentlemen
together going up to Stow that was the last time I saw the Prisoner I
did not see any Gun taken from the Waterloo it might be but I did
not see it - When we were at the oak one Williams a Shoemaker had a
pair of Pistols which would not go off, and I asked the Landlady for a
fork to open the touch hole - then I said these are nice things for a
Bull Dog and I put them in my pocket and I gave them to Williams
the Shoemaker
outside the Door of the Welsh Oak again - When we
were there at the Oak it was dark and it rained - Some of them had
Candles in their hands and some of them had Lanterns - I am sure
the Prisoner was the Man because I spoke to him - I spoke to
him at the Three Horse Shoes at Pye Corner he was standing by the
Door it was then day light I went in and got a Glass of Gin
I was close to him I bid him the time of day and he bid me the
time of Day - I opened the Door and went in - I was between 3 & 4
inches of him - there was another young Gentleman standing alongside of
him at the door I did not then notice in particular what he had in his
hand - he had no more conversation with him than bidding the time of
day He gave the word of Command for I heard him say, come men come
on there was 3 or 4 gave the word of command - I was close by him
when he gave the word of Command I did not hear him give the
word of Command again till he came to the Tramroad at the
Waterloo - I was then about 20 yards from him it was daylight I was
pushing thro' the men to get into the Waterloo I did not then take any
notice of what he had in his hand near the 3 horse Shoes - there was
a young Gentleman standing by the Prisoner I took him to be young
Mr Davies of the Black Wood.
By the Prisoner - I saw the Prisoner first when he came up to the
Welsh Oak - I saw him the second time at the Three Horse Shoes - I
did not then notice what he had in his had but I took notice of the
Clothes he had on, I asked him - can we have nothing to drink here. At
the Three Horse Shoes there was a young Gentleman standing by his Side
when I went in at the door - Before I came out the Mob were all gone
before - the Prisoner went away first, you went on first before I came
out - I did not see him afterwards until I saw him in the Waterloo on the

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