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Tram Road - I saw him at the Waterloo by the Turnpike Gate. After
Mr. Frost he repeated the words "after the captain" make room for the
Musket Men to come forwards - Mr. Frost stood near him at the Waterloo
the Captain also stood near him -
__________________________Israel Furmen

Catherine Charles Sworn States I live at the Welsh
I am the Daughter of Henry
who keeps the Welsh Oak. I remember Sunday the 3d. Novr. instant
I went to Chapel that evening. I returned about 1/2 past 9. After my return
three persons came in in about 3/4 of an hour - I believe they stayed
there till Morning - Some other Men came in afterwards I did not know
either of them - I did not see those men do any thing shortly after they
came into the house - I did not hear them say any thing particular only
asked for Beer - I went down into the Cellar directly after they came in
one person said there were lights coming down the Tram-Road. I don't know
who he was, he was a tall person dressed in light Clothes he was one of
the 3 persons that came into the House we were both out by the door when
he made that observation shortly after some persons came into the house the
house was full - I should suppose there were 3 or 400 inside and outside
the House, they were armed, some had pikes, some had spears, some
had swords some had Guns others had Mandrels, Mandrel
handles I did not see any pistols it was about 10 minutes
to 12 when I saw them there - I know Edward Edmunds he is
the son of William Edmunds of the Greyhound - he was there - I
have known him about 8 years - I can see him in the Room - there
he is - he was ordering the people out of the Room when I
saw him he had nothing in his hands - the people went out
when he ordered them - I was in the Room about 2 minutes before
he went out - it was about 7 o'Clock in the Morning I did not
see him till the morning - then it was that he was ordering the
Men out - the men went out and he went out with them - I did
not hear them say where they were going - Some went
down the Turnpike Road and some went down the
Tram Road
towards Newport - the Prisoner went with them. I
saw no more of him - the Turnpike Road and Tram Road

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