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to any one that I knew Edward Edmunds, I never saw him to
know him -
______________________Henry Charles.

Thomas Hopkins Sworn Says I am the Son of
Edward Hopkins the Superintendant
of Police at Newport - On Monday the 4th. November Instant I
was standing at the Corner of the Street by Mr Clements' Shop
I was on Stow Hill that Morning from 1/2 past 8 to 9 o'Clock, I
saw a Mob coming down the Hill that Morning, they were armed,
I should suppose there were 3 or 4000, I can't tell exactly. Some
had guns, some pikes, I saw one or two with Sticks, they turned
round towards the yard Gate of the Westgate Inn, I saw them
fire at the Westgate Inn.
______________________Thomas Hopkins

The Prisoner Edward Edmunds being duly cautioned and
called upon to make his defence voluntarily States - On Sunday the
3rd. of November a great mob of people came into my house, and
ordered me out, and I asked them where they were going to, and
they answered and said that was no odds to me - I should have
to know where they were going to And they said that if I
would not come with them that I would be a dead man - then I
went along with them as far as Cross Pen main, then I asked
them were they going any further or not and they said they
were going to Crumlin and then to Newbridge and then I should hear
then I told them that I would not go any further along with them
unless I should hear something at Newbridge then after I went
there they said that I must come down to Risca again, then I told
them that I could not walk down to Risca because I had just
fractured my rib I told them then they told me if I could not walk
that they would get me a Horse, then I said no not in that way, I
will not accept of the Horse, then I went down as far as Risca Bridge
and I saw down there by the Bridge to rest, then I heard firing, it
was down by the Welsh Oak I suppose I was down by the Risca
then, then said the Men you are bound to go on further

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