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along with us, then we came to the Welsh Oak, and after I came
to the Welsh Oak, I saw a great number of people there about
200 or 300, then I asked them what was going on there, and their
reply was that Frost was there, and I asked what was going
on, and they said they was going to Newport, so they all
started down as far as Pye Corner, and I made a stay there, till
all the Crowd went by me, it was there when I saw Furmen
first, with a Pistol in his hand, and I did not see a sight of
him afterwards - I and another young Man walked after them as
far as the Waterloo, and I do believe that we were the 2 last besides
3 or 4 and we both called a glass of Beer a piece at the Waterloo
, where I saw Mr. Robins standing at the Door and the
Landlord which brought us the glasses, there was only us 4, then
this young Man and one walked after them up to Stow and that
was the furthest place that we went. and that is the whole I
wish to say no more that is the truth altogether from beginning to
end there is great falsehoods said about me.
___________________Edward Edmunds.

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