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Samuel Etheridge's Defence.
Samuel Etheridge the Prisoner being called upon for his Defence
and duly cautioned Voluntarily States - my being in the Town that
Morning may have caused people to suppose that I knew of their
coming, the Chartists - I came to Town between 8 & 9 o'clock for the
purpose consulting Mrs. Dickenson about the time that she or her
Daughter would go to Monmouth - the Crowd between Mr Webber's &
Mr Lloyds
was so great I did not see any of the Chartists coming
down Stow Hill nor did I look in that direction I found all
the doors and shutters shut I went to Mrs. Dickenson's knocked
at the door & she came to me, while speaking with Mrs Dickenson
the armed mob came in front of the Westgate - she asked me to
come in - I refused saying I would go home immediately - before
I had left the door one minute I should not think a minute
the mob had made an entry into the Westgate and firing
commenced immediately I passed the front of the Westgate & turned
down Skinner Street with Mr. Bowen - I then walked slowly towards
home passing up the Carpenters Arms Lane - I stood at Rapper's Shop
perhaps a minute or two - saw a man having the appearance of a
Carpenter holding his arm from which blood was running, I
then made towards home - what that young Lady said with
regard to my shaking hands with some person is true - I dont
know who it was but he said he was glad to see I was not
amongst them Had I know the intention of the Mob or had I
known the Mob had been coming I should not have come to
Town - I met my Daughter on the Bridge coming to seek for me
in going home several persons passed me, and said the mob was
running away, others said there was more a coming I went home
and remained at home until the afternoon as far as I recollect-The
persons who passed my house appeared to be very much alarmed
and pointed out to me and those at our House persons in the
Lane above the Turnpike
and in Ty-la-Crum field - I have
nothing more to say with regard to my being in Town - The
next I begin with is the Paper that was read, the Paper

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