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is not in my hand writing. I mean the paper about forming
Sections and so on. Would you wish to know how I came
possessed of that paper - had I know I would employ an
Attorney I dont consider any of those things are evidence
against me - the Papers relating to the Sections was put into
my possession by a person not now in Newport - there are
other papers connected with it - I believe to be in that
handkerchief in the same hand writing, giving an Account
of the Rebellion in Ireland in the year 1798 and that paper
that you have read connected with the others gives an account
of the rise and progress of the Rebellion in Ireland which
was intended at one time to have been published I have no
knowledge of its having any thing whatever to do with the
late movement I have no need to say more on that head I
believe I have had it in my possession 12 months I should
think before I had any thing to do with the Chartists - I will
take Morgan Williams Letters next - the reason why that
Letter was directed to me was my being Secretary to the
Association in this Town which I was from January last down
to June that accounts for the letter being directed to me - Next
the Cards - they are not in my hand writing, not all of them
they are filled up for persons that did not receive them, that
is all - it was that Mr. Hawkins was Secretary I think the
Song was sent me to get printed which I did not have done
the Petition I was employed to copy, from the first that was
in the possession of the Association, that was drawn up by a
Schoolmaster in Newport - I dont know who - I was to have
been paid for writing petitions - That was written for Mr
who in consequence of my upbraiding him for
his violent language did not afterwards take it from me
- Walter Williams a witness called - he have stated in
his Evidence that I should say the Chartists would have
Newport in half an hour - I had left Newport then more
than an hour, and the Chartists had gone away in all
directions - I had been told with regard to what Mr Gunter
said that I had pointed out the place on the old road & that

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