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more was coming - I only repeated to him what others had shewn me,
and told me. thats all with regard to that evidence - I have admitted
being Secretary for 6 months - Since the latter end of June or beginning
of July I have not written acted or done any thing whatever
connected with the Chartists - I have attended the Room three
times I believe I did not hear or see any thing that could
lead me to think such a movement would have been made, &
when told of it on Sunday night I treated it as hoaks - went home
to bed as usual calling at the Turnpike first and asking him
what he thought of it, whether he thought there was any cause
of alarm - About 2 o'Clock in the morning I was alarmed by
the Dog and soon after a person called me by my name. I
lighted a Candle and came down, on opening the door seven
men came into the house I asked them what they wanted,
they begged to be sheltered from the Storm, asked if I had no
fire in any room - I had none but I lighted a few sticks & threw
up the Cinders and made a fire - they appeared very wet and
tired, sat down and took out bread and cheese and began eating
some had meat and they asked for half a pint of beer each - I
was afraid to refuse them, my Daughter came down & desired
them to leave the house, observing that if either of them should
say they had been in our House at that time that we should
be liable to be fined They were not armed - I did not see any
thing about them - One of the men made a reply and said
before that time to-morrow perhaps she would be glad to draw
them beer for nothing they had 2 quarts and no more for
which they paid - they left the house before the rain was over
I again went to bed and lay till after daylight - I dont know
any more Yes, I could not be sure but I think the man I
afterwards saw dead in the Friars Field was one of the men,
I did not know one of them by name, one of those men came
to our house I believe next morning while Gunter was there, he
was a Shoemaker, I ordered him off the premises, I having nothing
more to say.
________________________Saml. Etheridge

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