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Arms they had then sort of Arms, one had a square stick like a Constables
stick only it was square - I saw another man with a couple of bullets and I
asked him what he was going to do with them, he said he would have plenty of
Arms just now. we were to stand in the field until we had a signal from Frost.The Prisoner said some of the Chartists were to come by the Stow way and
some by the Waterloo way, he said they were also to come from Pontypool
and Caerleon - he said they were to be there at 2 o'Clock in the morning -
I know a man of the name of Etheridge very well I did not hear his
name mentioned - The man with the bullet was one of the Party with
us in the field the other side of the Bridge - he was with us there - the
Prisoner thought Frost and his men were to break into Mr Edwards' house
up by the Poor house as well as into the Poor house - I do know
Morgan Jenkins the Blocklayer - I do know John Lewis that used
some time ago to work for Morgan Jenkins, he went somewhere to the Hills
from there - He married Mrs Harwoods' daughter. I did not see that
here If I dont speak the truth I go to Hell, If I do speak the truth
I expect to go to Heaven - I never was on that principle to think there
was no God or a Devil - I hope I shall never see one that is neither. It
was in the evening part about dark on Saturday when I saw the Prisoner - he
was then coming towards Pill from Town here. I did not tell the Prisoner then
that the Chartists were coming down on Monday morning. I did not then know
anything about it - my Wife was at home when I state the Prisoner came to
my house on Sunday night She went to bed on Sunday night - She was up when the
Prisoner called at my house I have known the Prisoner more than 12 months, I can't tell
the name of the man who left the field with me the man who called me on Monday
morning lodged at my house - I cant tell his name because I only saw him once or twice when
I came down - I was a Watchman sometime on the Tram road for the Coal Coy., when I come
up towards the Court y Bella Machine I saw parties coming from the Town - I did see a Benjn.
from the Fleur-de-lis at the Machine I dont know that he was wounded in the arm when
I went up to the Machine I had no Arms I had a stick which I gave to Mrs. Morgan of the
Machine She asked me to go & see what was going on & I asked her to take my Stick - I had only
that one stick - The persons in the field called the Prisoner Captain - he was Captain of 10 men
they were all thro' the Town the same the Prisoner said when the Prisoner called at my house on
Sunday I had no Candle he told me to keep no light at all. I am quite certain as to the Pike
I saw the Prisoner carry.
____________The Mark of X Morgan James

114 [encircled]

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men coming from all parts
Frost to break into Poor House



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