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Frances Gibbon Sworn States, I am the Wife of Thomas Gibbon,
he lives at Pill. he is a Watchman under Mr. Homfray. I know
the Prisoner at the Bar very well. I have known him about two
years I remember his coming to my house this night three weeks that
was the Wednesday before the Riots. he came there about 6 o'Clock
in the Evening enquiring for another man I was down stairs, and
I went up stairs to see who were there I saw the Prisoner talking
but I cannot tell you exactly the Man. he was in his Shirt sleeves,
I heard the Prisoner tell the Man not to be alarmed if he were
called for. I heard Frost's name mentioned that he was gone up to the
Hills to fetch the Colliers out Jenkin Morgan said that to the Man
in his Shirt Sleeves - Jenkin Morgan seemed to be greatly alarmed.
he said he expected Bloodshed would be in Pill and Newport before
Sunday Night, I took it so but, but I cant say whether it was Sunday
Night or Monday morning - I went strait to the Iron Yard to my
Husband. I told my husband of it. he said he did not credit it,
he said that I was a person of a nervous feeling and I am very
nervous, and I have not been well since, I am certain it was the
Prisoner came to my House, I know him quite well, I could not
be deceived - the person he called for John Gibby I know John Gibby
I know John Gibby he left home the Wednesday after the Riots he
has not been home since.
The mark X of Frances Gibbon

Mary Jenkins Sworn States I am the Wife of Morgan Jenkins
of Pill Gwenlly he is a Bricklayer I remember on Sunday the 3rd. November
Instant the Sunday before the Riot I know the Prisoner Jenkin Morgan
he lives next door to me, I went to bed about 10 o'Clock that night
After I went to Bed I heard knocking. I heard a knocking before
I went to bed, I know it was in their house. I heard them stir the
fire, after I went to bed I heard a knocking again, I was very much
alarmed, I thought some one was breaking into the house I awoke
my husband and I said I thought there was some one breaking
into the house, he said he thought not, otherwise the little Bitch
would bark, I did not see the Prisoner at all that night. I did
not see him until about 1/2 past 8 on Monday Morning I saw

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