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Birmingham to wait the Mail for an hour and a half after time &
if it did not arrive there in an hour and a half after time it would be
the signal for them to attack Birmingham, and it would through the
North of England, Scotland and all the nation - On hearing that from
Mr Frost I said he might as well lead us all to the slaughter house I
told him it imitated a Butcher leading a flock of Lambs to a Slaughter
house I said to him for God's sake desire the men to return to the Hills
He asked me if I thought so and he turned away from me with a
very scornful look as I thought - I tried all the way down to make
my escape, I then found an opportunity of escaping with great difficulty
I don't know the Prisoner As I passed thro' the Crowd I said to the men
I thought it better to retire I am not in custody upon any charge that
I know of I have been examined by Mr Edwards and Mr Prothero
before I came into this Room As to the facts I have stated I was so
examined at the Workhouse & at this house likewise - It was this morning
at the Workhouse by Mr Edwards & since here by Mr Prothero - I am not
a Prisoner.
James Hodge

Thomas Jones Phillips Clerk to the Magistrates States: I yesterday
received a Paper writing marked A which I received from W. T. H. Phelps
- I produce it it has not been out of my possession since and is in
the same state as when I received it.
Thos Jones Phillips

William Trueman Harford Phelps Sworn States: The paper writing
now produced marked A is one found amongst the Papers of Samuel
who has been committed for High Treason.
W T H Phelps

Elizabeth Morgan Sworn States: I am the Wife of Francis Morgan
- he lives at the Court of Bella Machine - I know Morgan James of
Pillgwenlly - I remember seeing him on Monday the 4th November My Son
keeps the Machine now My husband and I live in the house - Morgan
called at our house that morning - the men what they call Chartists
were then running back, it might be then about ten o'clock - He asked me

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q who was Prisoner
told men to retire

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