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if I would let him leave his staff there I asked him why Morgan
he said because I am afraid I all be taken up if I take my
Staff - it was a white walking stick with a round top and all full
of knots - it was not very large it was a common walking stick, he
left it there and I think it was last Friday morning he called for it
again - I had seen Morgan James before he called to leave his stick
on that morning - I think it was about 9 when I first saw him
that morning, it was just after they passed up town - I cant exactly
tell whether he had the same stick with him when I saw him first
as when I saw him last on that morning I cant say that he had
more than one stick with him -
__________________E. Morgan.

John Lewis Sworn States: I keep the Tredegar Arms at Pillgwenlly -
I know Jenkin Morgan the Prisoner at the Bar - I have known him
about 2 years I have not within the last 2 months had any
conversation with him respecting the Chartists - I remember Sunday the
3rd Novr. I believe I saw the Prisoner on that day he supplies me with
milk I did not have any particular conversation with him I saw
him about 8 o'clock the next morning which was Monday the 4th Novr
there was a rumour in the place that those men the Chartists were
coming down it was then rumoured they were in the Park Mr.
, I took the usual quantity of milk of him - I asked him what
he thought of the Chartists, or what he thought of it now I asked
him that question because I understand him to be a Chartist he said
it was enough for every man to mind his own business he said no
more I did not see him afterwards until I saw him in Bristol
at the Bunch of Grapes
- I was in Bristol last week on Thursday
last - I saw the Prisoner there at the Bunch of Grapes Public House
in the Market - I heard there was a charge against him I sent
for a Police Officer he was apprehended, he did not speak a word in my
presence I have nothing as to his character excepting his belonging to the
Chartist Society.
____________________John Lewis

Mapson Thomas Smith Sworn States I am a farmer & live at Maes Glas

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