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farm near Newport - I know the Prisoner at the Bar - I have known him about
12 months - rather more - On Monday morning the 4th November between 10 & 11
o'clock in the morning I was on the Turnpike Road riding towards Newport
I met a great number of persons, they were in small lots, they were running
I met them between the Road turning from the Turnpike Road towards my
House and the Waterloo
they were running from Newport towards Cardiff - I
saw the Prisoner a little the Newport side of the Waterloo Turnpike Gate, it was
between the Gate and Mr Powells Lodge, some of the men I saw running
away had arms, one had a double barrelled Gun another had a single barrelled
Gun - The Prisoner had no Arms that I saw - he had nothing visible that I
could see - I did not speak to him, Just as I come within one yard of him, he
turned his face from me and looked rather down, he appeared to me to look as
if he wished to avoid being seen - I had heard firing that morning in the
direction of Newport, but not a great deal. I was too distant - I have met the
Prisoner before on the road - he has had occasion to come to my house - When
I have met him before I have spoken to him.
____________________M. T. Smith

Thomas Hopkins Sworn Says I am the Son of Edward Hopkins the
Superintendant of Police. I was in Newport on Monday morning the 4th
november Instant I saw persons coming down Stow Hill that morning
I should think there were from 4 to 5,000 they may be more or they may be less
I know John Frost I did not see him with them - those men came from the direction
of the Poor House - it was from 1/2 past 8 to 9 o'clock in the morning when they came
down Stow Hill they turned round in front of the Westgate - they commenced an attack
upon the Westgate Inn by firing upon it, & some broke the Windows with their pikes
I did not hear any firing from the Westgate before the firing commenced from the
outside - I was standing at the corner of Mr Clements, nearly opposite the Westgate - I
saw 4 men outside killed & I saw one wounded, the one that was wounded was
shot in the arm - I don't know the man who was shot in the arm, I dont think I
should know him again if I was to see him - the men I saw coming down the Hill were
armed with Guns, spikes & sticks.
___________________Thos Hopkins

The Prisoner being called upon to make his defence and being duly cautioned
says as follows: I have only to say that I am quite innocent
_________________Jenkin Morgan

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Attack on the Inn
… the contrary stated
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