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with - I told him likewise that he must produce it, or I must search
the house, He then produced the Mould, here it is, it is numbered 10
- I then told him he must have more Bullets in the house, he said
he had not but few, that he had not made above a dozen, I told
him he must produce them, he told the servant Girl to go up stairs
and bring down the dozen Bullets he had made - he did produce them,
here they are, I asked him who he made them for, he told me he
made them for the Chartists against they return from Newport. The
Bullets and Mould which I have produced are the same which I
received from the prisoner. George Jones and William Davis, two
Special Constables of Tredegar who are not here, went with me to the
prisoner's house, and were present when the prisoner gave me up the
Bullet Mould and Bullets which I have produced - Mr Homan was
not with me at the time the prisoner told me he made the Bullets
against the Chartists return from Newport.
William Phillips

Walter William Homan Sworn Says, I am Superintendent of
Police at Tredegar Iron Works. I perfectly well remember the evening of
Sunday the 3rd November, In consequence of information I received - I
directed the last Witness William Phillips and two other Special Constables
to go to the Prisoner's House, it was between 12 and 1 o'Clock at night
when I first sent the them the last Witness returned to me afterwards, I
told him to go again to the prisoner's house and endeavour to gain
admission - I received the prisoner into my custody on the Monday
morning, I searched him, I found nothing upon him, I took him
before Mr Homfray the Magistrate, when the prisoner was before the
Magistrate he said that the Balls and the Mould produced by the
last Witness Phillips, had been taken from him, and that he had
made the Bullets for the Chartists to prevent his being taken away
by them - and in order that he might remain at home with his
wife, who was very ill, and had not been confined more than a week
I dont know how long his wife had been ill, I returned with the
prisoner to his house about 3 o Clock in the morning, I then searched
his house, I found a Bullet Mould number 58 with a Bullet in it
14 Pistol Bullets and a piece of lead that appeared to have been

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